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Chelsea Flower Show 2017

In England, the gardening tradition is deeply ingrained. As a result, during the year, many fairs about this thematic are held, highlighting “The Chelsea Flower Show”, a large-scale event organized by The Royal Horticultural Society. The festival takes place in The Royal Hospital of Chelsea, London, and to the inauguration attends the most outstanding people of London society, including the Royal House. This year 2017, will be held from 23 to 27 May.



In 45,000 square meters, you can see a wide variety of flowers and ornamental plants as well as several garden designs and new plants that are launched to the market. In addition, you will get useful tips about plant care in different workshops and conferences. Among the prizes awarded there are four levels for each category: gold, golden silver, silver and bronze.

Do not miss this floral museum, a mixture of smells and colors, similar to a great fashion show! Whether as a team building activity, corporate event, incentive program, themed tour… Along with a specialist such as Premiun Incoming DMC.

Gladiators School in Rome


Gladiators School has become a fun team building activity for corporate incentive trips and student programs to Rome.

This zany team building activity consists of a 2 hour course, which includes a visit to the historical educational museum of Roman legionnaires divided into two sections: military and civilian. Then, participants are taught the art of gladiatorial combat in a mock contest using traditional gladiator weapons.  At the end of the activity each participant is given a certificate of Roman citizenship.

Contact us for more information on this and other fun team building activities for your next corporate incentive trip or student program.


Visit our destinations on board of a Trabant car

The Trabant is a low cost car produced by the manufacturer VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke Zwickau, Saxony. It was once the most common vehicle in East Germany, and was also exported to other countries outside the Eastern bloc. Currently, they are used to visit and learn in a fun way some of our destinations like Prague, Budapest and Berlin where a career in Trabant T2 takes you to explore in detail each city on board of these legendary cars. This a great idea for your next leisure or incentive trip.

Visit our destinations on a Trabant

Visit our destinations on a Trabant

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Team building in soccer

What is required for a sport team?

There are several types of team sports used to increase team-building; however, soccer is the most famous and well-known for its technique.

Team building with soccer

Hands of the soccer team members together over the soccer ball

This popular sport requires striving communication and coordination skills among all team members. As in the business world, in a soccer match it is also very important to maintain a fluent communication to achieve goals successfully when executing strategic plans.

Therefore, team building activities used by soccer coaches during trainings can be implemented in the business world to pursue common goals.

Here is a brief list of the benefits acquired by the participants when performing these soccer training exercises. Isn’t it a great idea to implement them in your incentive trips as an efficient team building tool?

Improves team work and strengths communication skills

Coordination is an important skill in the business world to know-how to organize large groups. This skill is also very important in soccer, where all eleven players have the responsibility to watch for each other on the field and off it.

Leisure activities out of the business atmosphere promote the way to approach communication among each team member in a more relaxed and fun way. To improve communication, it is important that all team members have the chance to socialize with their colleges and know each other in a more personal way to find and share common interests that facilitate closeness. A fun way to break the ice is playing a soccer match where both leisure and strategy can be applied. One of the main benefits gained during an incentive trip when a team sport takes place is the improvement of the communication and coordination skills when executing strategic plans.

Goal setting and alignment

Both concepts are linked together and they should be implemented to achieve goals. After a few days practicing soccer and applying both concepts to score and win a match, it is easy to appreciate the improvement of both skills among team members. Same way is applicable while reaching business goals.

Training and recovery

An excellent quality training should work on weakness, strengths and abilities to develop expertise. As for soccer players discipline and training are important abilities, they should be for your business team. It is important to recognize failures and learn how to overcome them. Sharing ideas and experiences among team members of different departments in an honest communication atmosphere, helps to widen the view of each team member and facilitates the way they approach obstacles.

Results improvement

As communication skills and team performance are important in soccer, so it is the leader or coach guidance. To identify opportunities and make quick and right decisions, good leaders should know by heart the strengths and weakness of each team member. This truly helps to make the right decisions on how to enhance the game depending on what position they play. During an incentive trip that includes soccer activities better leadership skills can be developed.

Team building in soccer

Soccer team members celebrating the victory

There are several examples on how soccer coaches have contributed significantly in the improvement of results. For instance, Pep Guardiola, who is currently coaching the Manchester City F.C. and was the former F.C. Barcelona coach said the following sentence regarding the management of a team in one interview:

“We tend to be very ruthless with the results. Satisfactory results mean you have done it correctly, and bad results mean you have done it wrong. And that is not fair, because there are people who performs well but results come in the long term” – Pep Guardiola – and those results last longer than fast/short term results.

Shared benefits between soccer and business

Score a goal

Improve sales.

Reduce stress

Improves communication, develops better coordination and reduces costs. Take advantage of the competitor’s weakness to innovate, gain market share and launch new products.

When to pass the ball

It is necessary within a company to know when and how to delegate tasks and responsibilities according to workloads and expertise areas.

When to celebrate victories

Victories should be celebrated and shared with the team, as results are reached by the interaction of different departments. These types of celebrations motivate those involved to get better results.

Therefore, remember that there are many benefits of including soccer team building activities during an incentive trip. If you have an upcoming incentive trip, do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding team building activities at We will answer to all your questions.

Visit a a whisky distillery in Scotland

If you are planning a trip to Scotland, besides the beautiful landscapes and castles do not forget to visit  a whisky distillery.

Glenturret Distillery

Glenturret Distillery

Visiting a distillery is a fun activity to learn the process from the experts about this very Scottish drink. Among the most known is the Scotland’s oldest working distillery, Glenturret Distillery that offers a unique and authentic experience to visitors. Set in the heart of Perthshire, the distillery is only an hour from Glasgow and Edinburgh. Making whisky by hand and by heart since 1775, at Glenturret Distillery all visitors will experience the traditional handmade distilling processes that have been used to craft the whiskies for generations. Also,  this is a great opportunity to discover how the distillery’s Glenturret single malt is carefully blended with other grain and malt whiskies to create the UK’s No.1 whisky, The Famous Grouse.

At Premium Incoming we offer guided visits to different whiskey distillers throughout Scotland as part of a themed tour for leisure or for incentive trips. Contact us for more information.


Sales in Europe

Traveling is a great pastime and even better when you mix it with a nice shopping experience.

While strolling at any street in Europe, it is easy to discover great shops of the most exclusive brands. So, to live a great and joyful shopping experience in Europe you just need the support of a destination management expert, plan a getaway, lot of space in your suitcases and be eager to find the best deals.  At Premium Incoming we suggest the following 5 cities that will inspire your next shopping trip to Europe.

  1. Paris

Lafayatte Galleries in Paris

At Paris the world´s capital of Haute Couture, the sales season begins on July 22nd to August 2nd. Ancient flea markets offer chaotic atmosphere and fascinating treasures, plus a peek into the real personality of Paris. At Marais, Montmartre and Lafayatte Galleries you may be able to find great deals on Luxury brands such as Cartier, Chopard or Bulgari.

2. London

Camden Market, London

Camden Market, London

On the other hand, London one of the top european shopping cities offers sales during the whole year. When the warm weather arrives with the summer, popular stores such as Harrods’s launch their sales season for almost a month starting on June 27th. Also if you want a distinctive London shopping experience, head north to Camden Market and wander around Portobello and Oxford Street.

3. Rome

Piazza di Spagna, Rome

Piazza di Spagna, Rome

Italy has a great offer for shoppers. Rome sales season offer discounts up to 50% and usually begins the first week of July until the mid of August. The nicest shops are located at Piazza de Spagna and Vía del Corso and upscale fashion places are found at Piazza Mignanelli and Via dei Condotti.

4. Milan

Quadrilatero d´Oro

Quadrilatero d´Oro

As in Rome, Milan sales season starts the first week of July and lasts until mid-September. The must-go shopping places in the Italian fashion capital are Il Quadrilatero d´Oro and Via della Spiga where you will find the stores of the most renowned fashions brands.

5. Madrid

Las Rozas Village, Madrid

Las Rozas Village, Madrid

Though Milan has a long sales season, Madrid has the longest from June 21st to September 21st. The most popular places for shopping at the Spanish capital are La Milla de Oro, Preciados Street, Gran Vía, Las Rozas Village Mall and the emblematic neighborhoods of Malasaña and Chueca.

So for those shop lovers or to include in your next incentive trip as a fun activity, we invite you to live a unique European shopping experience. Premium Incoming has designed shopping themed programs to visit each fashion capital in Europe and catch the best deals on the most renowned brands. Contact us for more information.

Premium Incoming at FITUR 2016

Our Board of Directors and commercial team will be attending the 36th edition of FITUR, the leading trade fair of the tourism industry that will take place in Madrid between the 20th and 24th of January 2016.


Come and visit us at our Stand 8A20 where you can meet all our Premium Incoming destination managers from Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, France, United Kingdom and Spain who will be glad to show you our latest innovations in tourism and new opportunities for your next holiday and leisure trips or incentive programs.  We look forward to see you there!

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