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6 must see attractions in London

Find the best places to visit in London with our 6 must see London attractions!

The history of British royalty and the palaces still occupied by the royal family.

1. Buckingham Palace

Start your day visiting the main royal attraction in London; the Buckingham palace, the official residence of the queen Isabel II. Although it is it is commonly used as a venue for many royal events and ceremonies, in summer, it opens to visitors, so you could tour the wonderful state rooms and be delighted by special exhibitions.


You can also witness the change of guard, which is performed daily or every other day at 11:30 am, depending on the time of the year.

2. Tower of London

In this great fortress have taken place some of the most bloodthirsty events in the history of London, including torture, murder and beheading like Anne Boleyn’s arrest and execution, queen of England until May 19, 1536.

In this historic castle stand the crown jewels, the medieval chambers of the king and the White Tower, built by William the Conqueror.

3. Hyde Park

If it is sunny, do not miss it and go to one of the eight royal parks; among them stand out the Hyde Park, where you will find the fountain in memory of Diana of Wales, near lake Serpentine. If you continue to the gardens of Kensington, you will see the impressive monument dedicated to Albert, husband of the queen Victoria.

4. Five o’clock tea in The Orangery

If you are hungry, you must make a stop at The Orangery in the Kensington Palace, an impressive 18th century building, where you could enjoy a royal meal and, if the time is good, you could admire the impressive views of the palace and gardens sitting from the terrace. In addition, in the Orangery serve delicious homemade meals and tea at five, with cakes and pastries. Do not miss it!


5. London eye

It is the most popular touristic attraction in the United Kingdom and a must-see of any traveller in London. It was open in 1999 and nowadays it is still the tallest wheel in the world. It offers stunning panoramic views of the city and a ride lasts 30 minutes. We recommend you to buy your tickets in advance in order to skyp the line at the ticket office!

6. Tower Bridge

You shouldn’t leave London without visiting one of the most famous bridges all over the world: The London Tower Bridge. It is located on the Thamesis and it has a glass walkaway with spectacular views. If you have plenty of time do not miss the exhibition inside the bridge, where you can discover the Victorian engine rooms.


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Chelsea Flower Show 2017

In England, the gardening tradition is deeply ingrained. As a result, during the year, many fairs about this thematic are held, highlighting “The Chelsea Flower Show”, a large-scale event organized by The Royal Horticultural Society. The festival takes place in The Royal Hospital of Chelsea, London, and to the inauguration attends the most outstanding people of London society, including the Royal House. This year 2017, will be held from 23 to 27 May.



In 45,000 square meters, you can see a wide variety of flowers and ornamental plants as well as several garden designs and new plants that are launched to the market. In addition, you will get useful tips about plant care in different workshops and conferences. Among the prizes awarded there are four levels for each category: gold, golden silver, silver and bronze.

Do not miss this floral museum, a mixture of smells and colors, similar to a great fashion show! Whether as a team building activity, corporate event, incentive program, themed tour… Along with a specialist such as Premiun Incoming DMC.

Fairy Tale Castles in Europe

We suggest you to travel around Europe and discover its most beautiful castles. These castles seem a part of the best children’s literature tales. They will be able to surprise any passionate and romantic traveler, who is interested in history and architecture.

If you want to experience a dream holiday, do not miss to visit the most magical part of Europe along with these impressive castles that we suggest you below.


Château d‘Useé Castle

In the Loire Valley is placed this castle dating from XV century. It is also known as the castle of The Sleeping Beauty as leyend claims that this building inspired Disney to write it famous tale. Nowadays, some of the rooms are set in scenes of the mentioned tale. Its green areas are amazing and were designed by the same architecture who conceived the gardens of the Versailles Palace.

In addition, Chânteau d’Useé caslte holds social events like parties that recreate The Belle Epoque or the night of Halloween.

It is located just two hours away from Paris and it is open to the public from February to November.

Castillo Château d‘Useé

Neuschwanstein Castle

Germany holds some of the most spectacular castles in Europe, and no doutbt it is placed in the middle of an idyllic scenery surrounded by forests and precipices. You will have the best views of the castle from Marianske bridge.

It was built by order of King Ludwig II of Bavaria as a place of retreat and personal shelter. Despite of being a medieval castle it incorporated several modern facilities like running water, electricity and even a telephone line.

If you are in Munich, you can visit Neuschwanstein in a day as there is a little distance between the city and the castle.

Castillo de Neuschwanstei


Vajdahunyad Castle

This was built on the small island of Széchenyi, Budapest. The original castle was built from wood and paper in order to celebrate the thousand years of Hungarian State. This act was well accepted by the population and consequently it was rebuilt from stone and brick

In castle sorroundings you can enjoy many outdoor activities and in the winter months you will find a great ice-skating rink.

During your visit, do not forget to touch the pencil of the statue that you will find in front of the castle, ¡it is believed to bring good luck!

Castillo Vajdahunyad

United Kingdom

Leeds Castle

In South East England, in the Shire of Kent, we find this amazing fortress surrounded by water. In this castle there is no place for boredom; it has an aviary, a curious labyrinth and even a golf course. Depending on the time of the year, you can take a hot air balloon ride to have a breathtaking panoramic view of the castle and surroundings.

This castle also provides accommodation, perfect for corporate events, families and couples.

Castillo de Leeds

Czech Republic

Karlštejn Castle

This medieval jewel was built by order of Charles V. It is located just 45 minutes away from Prague, in the middle of the forest. This castle is an important symbol of the Czech Republic because it keeps The Crown Jewels for more than 200 years.

We also recommend to take a walk around the enchanting town of Karlštejn placed on castle´s foot and recognized by its coloured houses stand out of both sides of the river

Castillo de Karlštejn
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