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Through William Wallace steps

Following the successful production of Braveheart, winner of five Academy Awards “Oscar”, the national hero of Scotland, William Wallace became a world-renowned character.

No doubt the film generated a special interest in knowing the Scotland Highlands, with an exclusive panoramic view, where the liberator struggled. As a result, Premium Incoming, a specialized DMC & leisure travel solution suggest you to not miss this thematic route and discover with us those outstanding places where this film was developed, and where this historical liberator left his mark.

In this article we recommend some of the places you can not miss your on your next trip to the Northern Scotland.

Stirling Bridge

This bridge is full of history as it gives name to the battle that took place on September 11th, 1297 in which William Wallace and his own defeated the English army. This was one of the most important clashes of the Scotland´s independence wars and after it became popular this small municipality.

Stirling bridge

Stirling Castle

This construction witnessed the entire epic battle, and is one of the most famous stone castles in Scotland, where grew the Queen Mary of the Scots.

An example of good taste and refurbished by later monarchs, it offers guided visits to its Royal Chapel, its art gallery with replicas in oak, or to the Great Hall, the largest banquet hall ever built in Scotland.

Also in summer, welcomes the play “Summer Night’s Dream”, a perfect setting to enjoy such a remarkable classic of world theatrical literature by William Shakespeare.

Stirling castle             Stirling castle – Photo of Finlay McWalter provided by Commonswiki

Cambuskenneth Abbey

It is said that part of the body of William Wallace was buried in this abbey, one of the most important in Scotland, as there also lie the remains of monarchs as Margaret of Denmark and her husband King James III of the Scots.

In addition, it held the coronations and funerals of many Scottish kings and has one of the highest Gothic style bell towers in Scotland.

For travelers unfortunately this abbey only offers visitors during the summer, but if you have the opportunity to visit it do not miss looking for the WW mark in ancient script.

Cambuskenneth Abbey
William Wallace National Monument

This incredible tower sits on top of the hill called Abbey Craig and commemorates the exploits of William Wallace. From the top you can enjoy the views and observe the countryside where the Battle of Stirling Bridge took place just a few meters from the small and historic village.


The tower has been enabled as a museum so it is possible to visit its weapons room, the hall of heroes where it is according to legend the real sword that Wallace wielded among other resources and activities available to the visitor.

Forth River

The natural spot on which the Battle of Stirling developed was around the River Forth. Undoubtedly, a landscape that takes your breath away with its colors, vegetation and, above all, the sinuous figure of the river around the small villages of the area. And accompanied by a guide letting you carry your explanations, there is no doubt that entering the territory where William Wallace made history will shake you and will be a visit you will not forget. The map shows how both armies were organized during the Battle of Starling Bridge.                         

wallace-battle-forth-river                            Towers Geoff, 2010. Ilustration Bridge Battle. [Figura]                              Retrieved from http://www.archers-review.com/magazine-articles

So do not think twice about it and organize your themed tour in Scotland Highlands!

Also, once you are in this area, why not make a thematic route to the Game of Thrones scenario?

Did you know this part of the history of the United Kingdom?

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